Young People's Day in Court

April 14, 2014:
Young people will seek intergenerational justice in historic case in Washington DC on May 2. See discussion here  (pdf)  or on my my web page, and, if practical, encourage youth to be present at the Court. Not only can they see our democracy in action, they will also remind the judges of how much is at stake.

Changing the Course of History

April 1, 2014:
An ode to courageous, determined people in Oregon and Washington is available here  (pdf)  or on my my web page.

Climate and Energy: Testimony to the United States Senate

March 17, 2014:
My testimony to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (pdf), including the four charts that I used, is also available on my web site.  Discussion at the hearing revealed that most politicians have hardened positions. Hopefully Kerry and Obama recognize that Keystone would signify the full-body dive into unconventional fossil fuels that assures game-over for climate, i.e., assures disastrous climate effects for young people and future generations.  Rejection of KXL would provide a brief respite that may allow implementation of a simple flat rising carbon fee-and-dividend approach, which has the potential to go near-global.


Sleepless in Ningbo

March 10, 2014:
Here is a note  (pdf) concerning a draft op-ed  (pdf) written during my recent trip to China.  Both are also on my my web site.

Beijing Charts

February 26, 2014:
Charts shown at Symposium on a New Type of Major Power Relationship, organized by the Counsellors' Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, are available here (pdf) or on my my web site.

Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power, and Galileo

February 20, 2014:
A draft opinion piece, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power, and Galileo, is available here (pdf) or on my my web site.  Criticisms are welcome.


Jim Hansen on Facebook

February 18, 2014:
I now have a Program Coordinator, Nicole Crescimanno, for my new program, Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, in the Columbia University Earth Institute. As of now, besides myself, the scientists in the program are Makiko Sato and Pushker Kharecha.

Regarding Facebook: I just learned that I have been on Facebook for a few years. That was not really me, rather a well-meaning "fan", who has now relinquished control of the Facebook page to Nicole. I don't expect to have time for social media, but Nicole will try to make use of Facebook for me, for example, posting my new opinion pieces and information about upcoming events.  My most recent post is Quest of a Broken-Wing Butterfly (pdf) -- please share my posts with friends, when appropriate.

Regarding jobs (as I have received several applications): I am still in the process of securing support for my existing small group, and I do not anticipate large growth. Instead I will try to work with and help obtain support for organizations whose development I have been involved with, especially and We need to keep doing science in order to be effective, but will do that via a small capable group, e.g., I hope to attract a couple of highly talented government employees who have been employed long enough to have a good pension, such that they could "retire" from the government and work for a modest salary. This way I expect to have a highly capable group at a relatively low cost, avoiding the need to spend a lot of time fund raising. In the near-term, we are already occupied in several things that I will write about individually soon, we need to finish a long overdue paper on storms, and I need to find time to complete my second book (Sophie's Planet).